Doing It For The Girls…

For a long time now I’ve been looking for and following women I find inspirational. Whether that be their blog, their Twitter or their Instagram. I think it’s really important for women to support each other; in the workplace, at home and in public.

We’re working towards equality but we’re a long way from it. Women need to stand together, not tear each other down. Now, more than ever we need to empower each other and show solidarity. To have a voice and actually use it can be scary, we live in a society where judgements are made and made quickly. No longer are they made in private for no-one to hear, they are shouted loud and often and increasingly directly at the individual. We need to remember that we are all human, all have feelings and however thick a skin we have we can all be affected negatively by such things.

That’s why I decided to do this post. I wanted to share some of the women I find inspirational, who I seek out on a regular basis, who support other women and who are standing up to those who try to bring them down. Here is my power list of women, I hope you enjoy!

Chessie King

I first came across Chessie on Instagram about 6 months ago. I follow her mainly because  of her realness. She’s gone on quite a journey with her fitness and I find her workout videos and posts really inspirational. She lifts the lid on all those picture tricks people use and cuts through all the bullshit. She is all about making women feel good about themselves which I love. I struggle with body confidence issues and she never fails to make me smile, and also work on loving myself a bit more. She is forever positive and in my opinion the kind of role model that young women should be looking up to. Basically a complete BABE! Check out her Instagram for some serious gym inspo and everyday smiles.

Sarah Ashcroft

Saraha Ashcroft, also known as ‘That Pommie Girl’ is all kinds of goals. I think I’ve been reading her blog for about 2 years now (maybe longer), long enough that I can’t remember how I first came across her. I started by watching her make-up tutorials on youtube – my god that girl knows how to slay. Then I started looking at her clothes and had serious wardrobe envy. Then I started following her fitness journey, she was beautiful before but is now really toned and strong too…another goal. I think what I like about her most is that she seems real, unchanged since finding huge success and incredibly grateful for all of her fortunes. If you’re into fashion or beauty in particular you need to give this girl a follow, have a look at her Instagram.

Shay Mitchell

She’ll be a familiar name to many of you, especially any of you who have been partial to an episode or two of Pretty Little Liars (*cough* watched every season religiously *cough*). Ok where to start? First of all she’s funny and goofy on her Insta and Snapchat stories – she is always mucking about with her friends and team and they all seem to be like one big family…something I think is great for someone who is so successful. Secondly, she works hard, REAL hard. Anyone who is familiar with her will see that she never lets up, she gets that workout in, she does those long hours on set, she makes time to see her friends. Mostly I just like how humble she is, she isn’t flashy about all the nice things she has and she seems like the kind of girl I’d love to have as my friend. Big love for Shay.

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

Ok, so I may have saved my favourite for last. Lauryn Evarts Bosstick or The Skinny Confidential as she might be better known. I have been following this blog and woman for about 5 years now and I never cease to love the content she creates and the realness she brings. Her and her husband Michael are a power team of dreams…yes they bicker, yes they take the piss out of each other but most importantly they work TOGETHER, they SUPPORT each other, they RESPECT each other and they build each other UP. Lauryn is a boss and she is unapologetic in being so. I love her honesty, her quirky ways, her tips, tricks and hacks, her willingness to share and most importantly how she supports other women. You NEED to go and check her out, like, now. We could learn a lot from her on perseverance, chasing your dreams and taking that leap when you might be scared shitless. Trust me I’m taking notes from this lady.

I’ve only included four women in this post, but I could include many many more. Maybe I’ll make this a regular thing, practice what I preach and all that. I hope you like these ladies as much as I do. It’s refreshing to find some healthy role models in a society that is constantly trying to tell us what the ‘ideal’ is. Let’s stand together :-).

F x


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