Weighing On My Mind…

So I've shared a little with you about my fitness journey…and more importantly how I'm struggling with my weight.

I'm by no means fat but I'm not comfortable with the weight I've gained. I got weighed at the doctors the other day and the number that jumped out of me was a shock.

I'm finding it really difficult to have control with my food and to balance my diet. Getting on the scales at the doctors made me realise I need to make a change and only I can be the one to do that.

I've started having sessions once a week with my old personal trainer, this is motivation number 1. Secondly I will be reigning in my sweet tooth and love of carbs…I need more variety in my diet and that needs to include a lot more fruit and vegetables. Thirdly I'm taking inspiration from my mum, she's been steadily losing weight over the last few months and is doing it through exercise and good diet. I'm going to take her lead and really try.

Do any of you have tips for making this work? Any habits I should try ditching or should start following? I need your help!

This has been short but sweet I'm afraid. Trying to get the frequency of my posts up…something else I'm trying to achieve!

F x

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