The Gym. A Love Hate Relationship

Ok girls. Let’s get real, who here also has a love hate relationship with the gym? I find it hard to get the motivation to go but as soon as I do I feel so much better for it. I sleep better, I’m less stressed, I feel better about my body.

The only issue is, I seem to fall in and out of love with the gym in waves. I can’t seem to sustain my it. The last week is a classic example…I had a big weekend, ruined all my hard work from the week before and as a result haven’t been to the gym all week. The result? Feeling pretty shitty about myself and that then leads to me eating more and having a ‘what’s the point mentality?’.

I need to reset and I need to do it asap. I’m off to a friends wedding in July and the last think I want to be feeling is hideous in my nice pretty dress. I don’t want to be insecure anymore and I don’t want to keep moaning about it.

Here are some rules I’m going to set myself so that I don’t fall back into old ways…ways that don’t involved regular gym sessions.

  1. MAKE THE TIME. No more excuses, if I can’t go in the evening get an early night and go early in the morning.
  2. Don’t go more than two days without exercising. The longer you take a break the easier it is to give up.
  3. Plan ahead. Both when I will go to the gym and what I’ll do.
  4. Stop hating on my body.
  5. Eat healthy, cut the crap out. Diet (as in WHAT you eat, not extreme fad ‘miracle’ diets) is everything.

And that’s that ladies! I’d love to hear any tips or advice you have to help.

F x


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