My Skin Story

Some girls and guys go through life with no skin problems at all. You know those people who have perfectly porcelain skin, no visible pores, not oily, no irregular skin-tone and of course…no blemishes. I am not one of those people and since I was about 17 (I’m now 26) have really struggled to get my spots under control.

Anyone who has experienced acne – yes I’m going to say the word however much I hate it – will know how crippling the effects can be. At first my skin was pretty much like any other teenagers, I’d get the odd spot here and there but then I started to get them more often and they were bigger, more angry, more painful and took so much longer to go away.

I tried all the over counter products you could think of and eventually decided to go to the doctor when my skin didn’t show any improvements. The list of medications I’ve tried is vast; Duac, Oxytetracycline, Zineryt, Tetracycline, Lymecycline, many variations of the contraceptive pill, even laser treatment – you name it I tried it. Nothing really helped. I did experience one year of randomly clear skin at uni but then, you guessed it the spots returned and this time with vengeance.

To give you an idea of how this made me feel, I would cry daily. Mostly in private but often on the phone to my mum about how my skin made me feel. I would endlessly search for the next ‘miracle cure’ acne treatment hoping that it would make a difference. I would often do my make-up, feel it hadn’t covered my spots enough take it off and completely start again. I panicked whenever I thought I might be caught without my make-up on. I avoided staying over at friends houses for this exact reason, I even hated being make-up free in front of my best friend. I avoided mirrors when my face was bare as I would obsess over how many spots I had, panic when I saw a new one and hate what was staring back at me.

To my friends I think I hid my upset pretty well, I did talk about my skin but I was never completely honest with how horrendous it made me feel. They’d all tell me it ‘wasn’t that bad’ and ‘would clear up’ but to me it felt like empty words. It didn’t help with the situation right there and then.

After uni I moved to London and decided to visit my doctor back home in Suffolk where my parents lived. I hadn’t spoken to him about my skin as my parents had moved there from Surrey whilst I was at uni and I would often just visit the medical centre on campus if I needed anything. He was the first doctor that took me seriously, that seemed to understand how much acne can effect someones mood and he referred me to a Dermatologist.

I remember sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, I refused to take my make-up off in there. I cried when I had to remove it in the consultation room. I cried again when I was told I wouldn’t be able to start a course of Isotretrinoin (more commonly known as Roaccutane) for another month because I wasn’t on the pill. It can be really harmful to unborn babies so it’s important you are on the contraceptive pill.

I completed a 6 month treatment and at the end of it my skin was completely clear. Now let’s get it straight – roaccutane is not an easy ride. There can be some pretty drastic side effects but luckily I only suffered with very dry skin and cracked lips.  This was it. I thought my acne was going to be cured forever…it was a miracle!

Hmmmm not quite. Some people only ever need one course of roaccutane and there skin stays clear forever. Unfortunately I was not one of those people. Panic set in when my spots started to come back, what was I going to do!!!!???

Then I found out about and my life changed. I read (and this is no joke) HUNDREDS of testimonials about their products. It’s only stocked in the U.S so it wasn’t going to be cheap if this was the route I was going to head down. With that in mind I wanted to be 100% sure.

I ordered the full treatment; cleanser, benzoyl peroxide, moisturiser and glycolic acid. The way you apply these is really specific, and you must stick to it. Everything is explained in detail and it’s really important you don’t cut corners, especially when you first start using the products.

I was patient and in-time my skin started to improve. Then it really started to clear up. Then my scars started to fade until I got to the point where I felt confident enough not to wear make-up at the weekend, or at the gym, or if I was popping down the road to pick something up from the supermarket.

This stuff changed my life. No dramatics, no over exaggeration, no lies. It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming but my god it works and the sacrifices both financially and in time are so worth it. I honestly can’t recommend highly enough. It was my last resort and I’m so glad I took the plunge.

The confidence I have in my skin is now better than it has ever been. I no longer cry about how it looks without make-up or panic if I get caught without any on. I actually ENJOY taking my make-up off at the end of the day and going whole weekends without putting any on. If you’re looking for something that works and works long term, you have to give this a go.

Thank you for giving me back my skin confidence.

Fay x

p.s. I really want to share pictures of what my skin looked like before but I’m a little nervous. You may have to bear with me on this one until I am ready to do that.


2 Replies to “My Skin Story”

  1. I suffer from my skin severely and I looked at but haven’t bought the products because they are expensive. I suffer from acne on my face and on my body I also have so much scaring. Reading your journey and then saying their products even faded your scars has made me really want to test the products, I’d love to see the pictures of before and after if you were happy to share. I made a post on my skin asking for suggestions and i put two pictures on there of my face and It was so nerve racking but I’m confident that eventually I will have clear skin. I will have to try the products at Thank you for this post it was lovely xx


  2. Hi Louise, thanks so much for reading my post and for taking the time to share your story. Talking about my skin is something that I have found quite difficult in the past, especially when it was really bad. As you asked I’ll add photos of what my skin used to look like and what it does now in the next few days. As for I really can’t recommend them enough – let me know if you have any questions! x


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